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The history of this military educational establishment dates back to the 1st October, 1899, when an Austrian Infantry Cadet School was founded in Lviv. A lot of Ukrainian officers who participated in liberation movement had received military education there. The list of them comprises the names of Colonel Hnat Stefaniv, Lieutenant-colonel Alfred Bizants and otaman Bohuslav Shashkevych.

In 1921 Polish Cadet Corps №1 and at the end of 1939 Lviv Infantry School were located in Lviv.

Military Political School founded in Briansk in 1939 was transferred to Lviv in the postwar period in 1947. During the second World this School trained approximately 11 thousand officers who were immediately deployed to the battlefields of the war. Fifteen of the graduates were decorated with a honorary title – the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Since that time Military Political School gained great experience in training military personnel for Armed Forces of foreign countries. Starting from 1971 the servicemen of more than 20 countries from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America studied at the special department there.

A new era for Lviv Military Institute started with Ukrainian Independence and formation its own Armed Forces. Following the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 490 from August 19, 1992, a modern higher military educational establishment was formed on the basis of Lviv Higher Military School and Military departments of civilian Higher educational establishments on October 8, 1993, which for the first time in Ukrainian history was deeply integrated into the system of civilian higher education by the act of joining National University “Lvivska Politekhnika”. This arranged implementation of the fundamental principle of the Concept of Military Education in Ukraine consolidated with the Resolution of the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine №1410 from December 15, 1997, which determined that “military education integrates into the state educational system on principles of unitary legislative, regulatory and legal framework.”

Closely integrated into National University in 1993 Lviv Military Institute started training of the military personnel in fifteen specialities including “Tactics of mechanized units”, “Tactics of airmobile (parachute and airborne) units” (cadets of these specialities were transferred to Odesa Army institute in 1995) as well as “Financial support, economical support of combat activities and logistics”, “Jurisprudence” et cetera.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of training military personnel in Galychyna and to praise significant role in training highly qualified professionals for Ukrainian Armed Forces on November 18, 2000 the Institute was honored by the name of Hetman Petro Sahaydachnyi, by the President’s decree and it was also awarded with the charter of honor.

By the Resolution of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers №381 from May 26, 2005 the educational establishment was reorganized into Lviv Army Institute and in September 2006 Institute started training the personnel of all the specialities for the Army of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On September 30, 2006 the Institute was visited by the President of Ukraine, the Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who highly estimated organization of training military personnel for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On September 1, 2009 in accordance to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №467 from May 13, 2009 Lviv “Order of the Red Star” Hetman Petro Sahaydachnyi Army Institute was withdrawn from the structure of “Lvivska Politekhnika” National University and transformed into the Academy of the Amy named after Hetman Petro Sahaydachnyi with an NCO college inside its compound.