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During this year the sport base of the Academy and the Field Training Centre has been greatly developed. The obstacle course area, the football club building “Legion” have been built.

In the Field Training Centre the athletic area, mini football pitch, volleyball ground were opened.

The obstacle course area was built due the NATO standards. On the order of the chief of General Headquarters of Ukraine from the 02.12.2011 №226 2012 the inspection of the physical preparation among all military academics was provided in our Academy.
The staff of all officers and 3-d year cadets took part in the inspection. The academy was given the excellent mark for the best organization of sport among cadets.

The results are the following:
- 8 men - candidates of sport masters;
- 122 men - the second sport degree;
- 137 men – the second sport degree;
- 729 men – the third sport degree.

Because of such results the Lviv Academy took the second place among all military schools in Ukraine. From March till May 2012 on the base of the Academy many championships in volleyball, weight lifting, athletics among army corps, Airborne forces were held.

The Academy team showed good sport results and confirmed all sport achievements:

- 3 masters of sport
- 10 men candidates of masters of sport
- I degree 154 men
- II degree 229 men
- III degree 423 men.

The cadets of all faculties had field training exercises in the frame of the exercises they took part in the military competitions. There were 9 teams from each faculty.

The firs part of the competitions included the first in the history of the Academy competitions of summer biathlon.

The second part included the assault course and sport fighting.

The results are as following:

I place – the cadets of the 4th course
II place – the cadets of the 3 d course
III place – the cadets of the 2nd course.

Field training exercise of the faculties of fighting use of troops, rocket troops and artillery, airborne troops and intelligence took place at the International Centre of Peacekeeping and Security.

Competitions of military applied exercises were held according to the plan of sport events and the telegram of the Chief – of – Staff – Commander – in – Chief of the UA Armed Forces. 9 teams, three from each faculty took part in the competition.

Competitions of summer military biathlon were held during the first stage. It's worth mentioned that these competitions were held for the first time of the history of the Academy. 12 cadets of the faculty of fighting use of troop became the winners.
The second stage included the competition of getting over the obstacle course (pentathlon) and military weight-lifting all round competition.

Cadets of 32 studying course of the faculty of rocket troops and military and 3- years cadets – paratroopers won this competition.

So according to the results of these competitions cadets of the 22nd studying course took the third place. The second place was taken by the 3-years cadets of the 21st studying course.
4-years cadets of the 21st studying course were the best and they took the first place.